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Frequent questions - FAQ´S

These are answers to some of the most common questions you ask yourself.

These answers will help you clarify your doubts regarding the new activity or tandem paragliding and paramotor flights that you want to do.

Please if all your doubts are not clarified, contact us and we will clarify everything you need.

What clothes should I bring?

The most important thing a good shoes even in summer and landing on the sand of the beach. Also long pants is recommended. In winter something warm.

How long does it last ?

The duration of the activity is approximately one hour. from when we pick you up at the meeting point on the beach until we land again in the same place. The flight lasts between 10 and 20 minutes by paragliding and between 15 minutes and 1 hour with the engine. Due to the fact that the wind conditions vary from day to day, even during the same day, we cannot guarantee the duration since in free flight it depends on the wind conditions that sustain us and sometimes push us upwards (thermals). For your first flight we choose mild and calm conditions so that your first experience is pleasant. In free flight, no more than 20 min is recommended because from then on the passenger's symptoms of fatigue and dizziness begin.

We also have advanced flights for pilots and Acrobatics.

With the motor we can choose exactly the duration since we depend on the motor.

What age ?
In paragliding from 5/6 years to 70/75 depends on the physical condition of each person, there are people with 70 years and a physical condition that some of 50 would like. The important thing is to be able to run a little since we will choose the conditions of wind to take off more suitable to each person in particular. Being able to cancel if the wind conditions are not the most suitable.
What weight?
We can fly with children of 20kg up to extra large passengers of 120kg in paraglider and 100kg in motor. We have different equipment and we will choose the best conditions and equipment for each weight. From 20kg to 120kg.
How to book a flight?

You can go and fill in the Reservation Form - See Form - Here >>

You contact us, either send us a WhatsApp or make a call.

605 94 06 18

How to get a gift card?

Call us or enter the online store. We will send you the card by ordinary mail or by email (depending on the urgency). You can also pick it up at one of the points that we have in different establishments.

How are we left to fly?
A week before you contact by email or whatsapp or phone and we see how the weather forecasts are, then we will meet for a confirmation the day before.
What if there is bad weather to fly?

Well, let's meet for another day. Sometimes you have to be patient because our free time does not coincide with a good day to fly in a tandem. To fly in a two-seater we must choose a calm day with few thermals since they are turbulent and sometimes it can end in an unpleasant flight when what we want is the opposite.

Normally we control the weather by 90% but sometimes there are phenomena that we cannot control, for example the mist or fog on the coast that some days appears suddenly and in those conditions we cannot fly because of how dangerous it is not to see the landing although it is very nice to fly over a sea of ​​clouds.

We know the predictions with some certainty 4/5 days before, but even so if it is doubtful we reconfirm the night before the activity and we agree on the schedule for the next day.

The activity is one hour approx. and we fly 2 instructors and 2 passengers simultaneously, the flight between 10 and 20 min. depending on wind conditions and other factors.

The reservation is valid for one year and if it is postponed due to weather issues it is extended.
To make the reservation contact by WhatsApp and send the name and weight of the passengers

Can I record video and photos in flight?
Of course, but in free flight you lose half the show manipulating the camera. Our pilots have special cameras to take photos and videos in high quality and with very spectacular perspectives, and you just have to worry about enjoying yourself. With the mobile it cannot be done for security reasons since the accidental fall of the mobile could cause a serious accident.
How is the landing?

The landing is very soft, in paragliding you must stretch your legs and get ready to run. We will land gently if it is windy and if you don't have to take a few steps to absorb a bit of speed, it will be like going down a couple of steps but on the sand of the beach.

In paramotor we enter the runway on the final approach and cut the engine, the rest are done by the wheels.

How is take off?

After connecting to the instructor and the paraglider, you only have to start a couple of steps in a race that once the paraglider inflates and is placed in its flight position, it will sustain us in the air and we will notice how our feet leave to touch the ground.

In paramotor you just have to take a seat, put on your helmet and wait for the pilot to accelerate to roll down the track and pick up speed to be in the air.

You can see more details in the tab " Flight Instructions " in the Tandem Flights menu.

What if I have vertigo?
Some of our pilots / instructors also have vertigo, but this is different from looking out from a 5th on a balcony. Here you feel very safe sitting / fastened in your chair / harness.
What if I want to repeat?

You can repeat your flight by reserving it and for being a customer we will give you a 10 - 15% discount on your next paragliding or paramotor flight.

We have some bonuses for you to enjoy your experience as many times as you want with a special discount when you join the club.

Can I pilot the paraglider / paramotor? (this is an option)

Depending on your predisposition, the pilot may give you the option of piloting the paraglider / paramotor when the situation also allows it, he will give you a brief explanation of how the controls work and it will be a unique experience.

Note. In motor we have more possibilities since the flight lasts longer and you have more time to relax and learn the actions to pilot it.

Can I take lessons to learn to pilot to get a license?

Of course. You can book the personal or group classes you want to learn to fly a paraglider / paramotor and join our community of flyers.

You just have to indicate it and we will put you on the path to be a qualified paragliding / paramotor pilot.

Where do we fly?

The main takeoff we use is from our property located at the top of Loma del Gato at almost 500 meters. above sea level with great views and landing on the beaches of the Costa Tropical right in front of the beach bar where your friends can wait for you.

We use other takeoffs such as Cerro de Itrabo (almost 800 mts.), La Herradura, Cenes de la Vega …… .etc. And we can also move to other places (consult).

With the motor we have a field in the plain of Motril and some more in La Malaha (sigh of the Moor) or Pantano de Cubillas. (Consult other places)

Who flies with me?
One of our qualified pilots / instructors with extensive experience will be in charge of taking you to fulfill your dream, taking care that everything is perfect in this new experience. "Training pilots for 30 years".
Am I covered by any insurance?

Our Active Tourism Company is one of the first registered by the Junta de Andalucia and one of the requirements is to have signed a civil liability policy worth € 600,000 that covers our activity.

So far we have never had to resort to it, or go to the hospital with our passengers.

Is transportation to the take-off area included?

YES, transportation is included in our vehicles from the meeting point (usually at landing) to the take-off area on the mountain, between 500 meters. and 800 mts. altitude. We normally use a 4X4 vehicle to access some of the flight areas.

When you book Paramotor / Paratrike / Parabuggy, we will meet at the meeting point where the flight field is, so we do not need a transfer to take off.

Can you pick me up at the hotel / bus station?
At an extra cost we can organize the collection anywhere you indicate us.
Am I scared, is it normal?

Yes, it is normal that you are nervous @ because you are going to enter a situation that you have never experienced, such as paragliding.

Especially nervousness is when we start the ascent by car towards takeoff and that is when the adrenaline starts to run, the point of most adrenaline is when we are ready for takeoff and the pilot says "run", once settled in the chair and in flight everything becomes relaxation and tranquility until landing.

Overcoming that fear is part of the personal challenge.

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