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Tandem Flights in Paragliding or Paramotor
Tourist Flights in Almuñecar - Tropical coast - Granada
! Fly with a qualified instructor !

Tandem Paragliding and Paramotor & Paratrike Flights with Monitor in Granada
The safest and most affordable form of aviation. We make man's dream come true: Fly

During the last 30 years we have developed this sport since its inception when we used the rectangular parachutes of the army, contributing to the evolution of the different designs to reach the modern, very safe and efficient paragliders.

Since 1989 we have used the two-seater system (pilot accompanied by an instructor) to teach our students as is done in all dual-command aerial disciplines. Helping to increase your confidence and security, feeling at all times under control.

So after a while we decided to offer it as an opportunity for all those who wanted to experience the experience of flying but without being involved in a course that they were not going to continue later. Contributing to make the dreams of many people who wanted to experience this feeling of freedom come true.

How do you want to fly?
In Paragliding or Paramotor & Paratrike?

Why fly with Parapente Tropical ?
Professionals since 1987, more than 30 years making people Fly.

Active Tourism Company recognized by the Junta de Andalucia registration AT / GR0078

The tandem flight with a monitor is the simplest, safest and most economical way to fulfill the human dream of Flying.

30 years making Fly to all kinds of people and of all ages. Pioneers in Spain of this relatively new sport.

Great to do a paragliding flight while your friends wait for you at the beach bar having a fresh beer.

Just relax and enjoy.

We fly in a spectacular setting full of color contrasts and pleasant temperatures all year round. The best experience
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