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About Us

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Human beings have always wanted to dominate the air and be able to fly like a bird.

It is in the last 25 years when this dream comes true with the development of new materials such as very light and strong nylon and kevlar cords that allow the construction of lightweight, strong flying devices that are easy to transport and store.

It has been these properties that have made this sport very popular because in addition to being able to carry it anywhere in a backpack on your back you can take off from practically any place where there is a slope that allows you to unfold the sail and run to catch the lift speed.

Currently the distance record for paragliding without a motor is close to 500 km. Quite a feat. Who was going to tell us? Incredible right?

During the last 25 years we have developed this sport since its inception when we used the rectangular parachutes of the army, contributing to the evolution of the different designs to reach the modern, very safe and efficient paragliders.

Since 1989 we have used the tandem system (pilot accompanied by an instructor) to teach our students as is done in all dual-command aerial disciplines. Helping to increase your confidence and security, feeling at all times under control.

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The Human Team

Composed of professional pilots and instructors who have participated in the development and evolution of this sport since its inception.

We are proud to have a very experienced team with many hours of flight behind them, whose main objective will be that you enjoy your first contact with this exciting and incredible sport that allows us to fulfill man's dream: Flying.

The company registered with the Junta de Andalucia has all the necessary and safe permits required by law for the protection and guarantee of the user.

Andalusian Board Registry AT / GR0078

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Director - Antonio Castro

After 30 years of flying, what still surprises me is when after a nice flight enjoying the scenery and the wind, I can put my "plane" in a small bag and put it in the trunk of the car until next time.

This is really what amazes me the most.

Who was going to tell our grandparents that we could have a personal plane stored in an 8-10 kg backpack !!!

I enjoy fulfilling my companions' dream of flying.

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The Equipment

We have the latest updated equipment for the development of our activity, revised and tuned so that our passengers only have to worry about enjoying the flight.

We are always innovating our equipment to be up to date. We only use trusted brands and all our gliders and equipment have always passed all the approvals and timely reviews.

Both on tandem flights and at school you will find the best equipment with the highest quality, guaranteed.

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