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Book Paragliding or Paramotor Tandem Flight with Monitor

You can do it by calling us directly by phone or by whatsapp at phone:
+34 605 94 06 18
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Conditions of service
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Important note: Paid reservations for gift vouchers cannot be canceled but can be postponed by the client or the school.

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Contracted services:

Important note: Paid reservations for gift vouchers cannot be canceled but can be postponed by the client or the school.

The services contracted on special days and / or hours must be paid in advance by depositing into a bank account.

The services contracted and previously paid for due to their special characteristics, either for being group events or for hours and days selected based on the preferences of the contractor, will not have the right to postponement or any compensation except for adverse weather conditions, therefore it would be postponed to a later date depending on availability.

Returns: within 14 days after the purchase date (less administrative costs)

When there is a cancellation due to meteorological reasons, the activity will be postponed to another date, with both parties agreeing on the most convenient date for both.

If a cancellation is definitively reached by agreement between both parties and travel expenses to the take-off area have been incurred, the contracting party must pay a minimum amount for travel and organization expenses depending on the take-off place hired.

Flights on regular dates and times may be canceled up to 2 days before and may be fully reimbursed, discounting administrative expenses.

The deferred services will be exchanged for a Voucher Card which may be used for a period of one year. It may also be transferred to another person at no cost for the same period.

If for any reason it is not used within a year, it may also be extended for another year, paying in this case the assigned administrative costs.

If the cancellation of the services is due to mechanical causes, the contractor will be entitled to a compensation in terms of discount in future acquisitions or in gratuity in added services (for example video or photos).

The additional contracted video / photo services will always be reimbursed in case they cannot be performed due to lack / damage of material. The form of return being the same as the payment, by telepathic form, transfer or cash.

Offers or discounts must be confirmed in writing.

Reservations, Vouchers / Gift Cards: Failure to show up at the agreed place on the day of the activity represents 100% of the expenses.

When contracting any of our services, acceptance of our policy of particular cancellation / cancellation conditions is understood.

Claims about services are subject to the jurisdiction of the Motril courts.

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