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Fly in a tandem paraglider accompanied by an instructor
Tourist Flights in Almuñecar - Tropical Coast - Granada

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You can fulfill your own dream or give a dream to your loved ones.

We have been developing this activity for over 30 years and it is our mission to make people happy and also help them overcome their limits in a controlled and safe environment.

Flights with monitor in Tandem Paragliding

!! Activity every month of the year !!

You will be able to realize your dream of flying in Granada and on the Costa Tropical (Motril and Almuñecar). Accompanied by an experienced pilot you will be able to fulfill your dream and move through the air only with the wind, experiencing a feeling of tranquility and peace while observing the world from a different perspective from a bird's eye view.
We only need a mountain and climb it, once at the takeoff place, after some explanations and simulations of how to run to get in the air, we will help our pilot to deploy our wing, they will place the chair / harness and we will connect with our pilot to wait for his signal and start running to paraglide off our coast of Granada.

It is for all people and ages as long as you are in good physical condition for a short takeoff run and are able to overcome the impression of height.

vuelo de parapente biplaza con monitor con niño

We make man's dream come true: Fly
Baptisms of Flight

GIVE A FLIGHT to your wife, your son, your grandmother, your friend, your boss ... or the one who always talks about how daring he is, to see if he dares with this.

We have some gift cards that will be the gift you will never forget. The Original and unforgettable gift.

For the last 30 years we have worked on what we like the most, teaching how to fly.

Our work has evolved mainly with people from Nordic countries such as: Sweden, Norway, UK and others.

Since 1989 we began to use the two-seater system (pilot accompanied by an instructor) to teach our students as is done in all dual-command aerial disciplines. Helping to increase your confidence and security, feeling at all times under control.

So after a while we decided to offer it as an opportunity for all those who wanted to experience the experience of flying but without being involved in a course that they were not going to continue later. Contributing to make the dreams of many people who wanted to experience this feeling of freedom come true.

poster picture fly in tandem paragliding with tropical paragliding instructor

The Tandem Paragliding flight with a monitor is the simplest,
safest and cheapest way to fulfill the human dream of Flying.

It is the most natural way of flying for humans since takeoff is done by taking momentum and running a few steps, in flight we are sitting comfortably and piloting intuitively with our hands and landing is just a matter of braking by lowering our arms and giving a few steps as if it were jumping a couple of steps.


Safety: Our flight and take-off speed make our aircraft the safest way to fly. This maximum speed is only about 40 km / h that when we fly against the wind it is reduced to the minimum, together with our descent rate is only 1.5 m / s they make a landing slow and smooth (even without an engine in Their case). Our aircraft is piloted with a control in each hand making it very intuitive like driving a bicycle, when landing we use the 2 controls to brake and land gently on the ground.

Note: It is the weather conditions that can cause accidents and of course recklessness. That is why theoretical preparation and experience are essential for a flight to be a pleasure. As in all risk sports this is in ignorance and daring = overconfidence. Our pilots have hundreds of hours of experience and absolute control.

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Prices and Types of Flights
Photography and Video Services

You can take Photos and Videos of your Tandem Paragliding Flight

All our pilots are equipped with specialized cameras and upon request you can take Photos and Videos during the Flight, allowing you to share your Flight experience with others.

You will really enjoy your images remembering your experience and making it unforgettable.

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We are the first Paragliding Flight company with a monitor
in Andalusia with Andalusian Board Registration AT / GR0078


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