Flying Sites

Achieve the maximum profit from your holiday. Don’t waste time chasing the wind with foreign guides. Put yourself in the hands of a very professional instructor, native to this area. With a lifetime’s experience of the fluctuating weather conditions, there is none better qualified to guarantee the best flying available for each moment.


Many of the flying sites that we use are either private property or National Park land. This limits their use. The down side is that we are not allowed to modify the ground to  enlarge the take-offs. We have to adapt to the areas, which are sometimes small,  and cannot remove rocks and bushes, which are protected by law. However there is a  plus side. The sites are restricted use and are not crowded as are the other sites  available to visiting flyers. This is an enormous advantage. It means that we can be  very selective in the use of these sites. Obviously we will use them according to the  current weather conditions. But we also use them according to the pilots ability. Thus  we tailor the flying to your needs and you fly from sites suitable for your level of skill.  You are not required to fly the more technical sites until you have developed  sufficient ability.

Within one hour by car of Motril we have about 40 sites. The nature of these sites is  very variable. There are slopes suitable for students, hills suitable for soaring and for  thermalling, with landings on large safe beaches and small exciting beaches, or cross  country with mountains going upto 12,000 ft.

Due to the popularity our area has gained, as one of the best flying zones in Europe,  we are invaded by innumerable pilots and foreign schools. The public sites here are  crowded. That is why we have gone to the expense of buying or privately renting the  sites that we use. Thus our clients have exclusive use to some of the best sites in  the area. I know that they are the best because I have been flying here since 1987!  Thanks to our new, additional, base at Alfacar we have now extended our reach to  sites further north. Areas such as Jaén, Loja and Baza are within easy reach from Alfacar. These are sites rarely seen by foreign pilots, less crowded and excellent start-points for cross country.

Orientation Sea level Top to bottom Horizontal Distance Gliding distance Tipe of condition
Carchuna E 200m., 100m. 200m.,100m. Beach Soaring
Colorado W 960m. 500m. 1.5Km. 1.8Km. Thermic
Castala W 2.070m. 1.280m. 5.9km. 6.1Km. Thermic
Cerro Itrabo SW 708m. 708m. 3.9Km. 4.0Km. Termic+Soaring
Alfacar NW,SW,SE 1.380m. 500m. 2.2Km. 2.3Km. Termic+Soaring
Alfamar SW 550m. 550m. 2.40Km. 2.45Km. Beach Soaring


SE 1.950m. 1.650m. 8.0Km. 8.2Km. Thermic

Padre Eterno

SW 1.572m. 1.240m. 6.0Km. 6.1m. Termic
Sierra Lujar

(Beach landing)

SW,SE 1.810m. 1.810m. 11.30Km. 11.45Km. Termic
Sierra Lujar

(River landing)

N 1.572m. 1400m. 6.80Km. 6.95Km. Termic
Padul N 1.200m. 250m. 0.95Km. 0.99Km. Thermic
Padul SE 1.200m. 460m. 2.17Km. 2.21Km. Thermic
Tiena NW,S 1.200m. 430m. 1.15Km. 1.23Km. Thermic
Zújar W,E 1.350m. 550m. 1.90Km. 2.00Km. Thermic
Cenes NW 1.300m. 550m. 2.65Km. 2.70Km. Thermic
Loja W 1.100m. 500m. 2.50Km. 2.60Km. Thermic
Pegalajar NW 914m. 450m. 3.30Km. 3.32Km. Termic+Soaring
Loma del Gato W,SW 450m. 450m. 2,00km 2,20km. Thermic
El Forestal NW 450m. 200m. 1,00Km 1,10m Termic+Soaring
Cogollos NW 1,100m. 300m. 1,10Km 1,20Km Termic+Soaring
La Herradura W 80m. 80m. Beach Soaring
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