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Achieve the maximum profit from your holiday. Don’t waste time chasing the wind with foreign guides. Put yourself in the hands of a very professional instructor, native to this area. With a lifetime’s experience of the fluctuating weather conditions, there is none better qualified to guarantee the best flying available for each moment.

Parapente Tropical is more than an school and we offer a complete service of flying guides and drivers who will be with the pilots in their sky adventure. Please make particular note that our Guides are Spanish Nationals who really understand the difficulties of flying in the Granada area. They are not foreigners with a superficial knowledge, subject to dangerous mistakes. Remember that the Sierra Navadas go up to 3479m (about 11,500ft) and must be treated with caution! We have been flying this area as professionals for 25 years. Most of the sites now in use were developed by us.

Flying as professionals since 1987 we understand that you must get maximum enjoyment from you holiday. We can offer this with maximum safety because we understand the area. Also you will get the highest chance of flying every day and the greatest variety of sites suitable to your ability.

Over the years we have specialized in groups from clubs and schools, so we are used to dealing with pilots of all levels from beginner to expert. Initially, an introduction to thermalling and/or cross-country depends upon your current skill as a pilot. Our ample experience with pilots of varying ability will allow you to learn safely. Flying sites and conditions are selected to match your requirements and progression. Radios are used to communicate with students during instruction flights, but mobile phones have to be used for the cross-country flights.

Most of our sites are private, and we have exclusive use. Thus we can increase your safety by avoiding public sites. These public sites are becoming overcrowded and subject to agressive flying.

We have own and rental vehicles, which over the years, we have found provide the best transport in this area. We drive on everything from motorways to dirt-tracks, in towns and up mountainsides. These vans are available for your self-drive in the evenings or on non-flyable days

In Parapente Tropical we have 2 places, each sleeping more than 17 people. One is on the coast and the other inland, near Granada. This gives the advantage of soaring by the sea, or thermic flights in the mountains, without hours of driving.

The inland base gives us the chance to fly sites that are further north. This isbetter for cross-country and again avoids the long tedious drive back to the coast after a day’s flying.

The coastal base is equipped with jacuzzy, a steam-room and a swimming-pool. Great facilities in which to relax after a day’s flying by the sea while waiting for  meal.

Our Services in this area are:

– Flying Guide
– Orientation
– Drivers
– Orientation + drivers

Optional: Cars and/or acomodation.

Our flight guides advise and accompany the riders on their adventure through our land by choosing the best places to fly based on the experience of the pilots and weather conditions. The orientation is that our guidelines indicate potential sites for the pilots to fly, but do not accompany the pilots. Drivers are limited to accompany them, picking them off and taking them to the landing, allowing all pilots to fly and not have to stay  without flying.

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