Our professional team, with more than twentyfive years of experience teaching, choose the best methods to a easier and progresive learning on paragliding and paramotor. Our students starts with tandem flights accompanied by the instructor who explain theory and practical skills on fly, and give the control of the glider for a while in order to have the first feelings with the wing on flight. That allows to the new pilot get more confidence and security for the upcoming flights solo.

The theory, suported by videos and multimedia programs, and the firsts runs in the training hill are  the following steps before the first flight alone, where the student will be in permanent comunication with the instructor by radio.

The accident rate in our school over the years tends to zero, without any serious accident in more than 25 years teaching, so our main obsession is the safety of students, to achieve this we use the best and most modern flying and protection techniques.

In Parabuggy teaching, we developed our own model focussed on the safety and easy to use, to allow better learning process of new pilots. For that we introduce a lower gravity center that provide more stability and protection bars that prevent damages to the pilot. The roll bands system elliminates the effort by the pilot in the takes off, allowing to fly people from all ages and phisical conditions.

Basic Course:

Lenght: 4-5 days
Content: The student will receive the first theoretical notions and make contact with the achievement of at least one didactical tandem and training in an small hill. Then make its first flights of small height and directed by radio.

Advanced Course:

Lenght: 4-5 days
Content: The student will make his first flights of big height assisted by radio learning to be on air more time taking advantage of the air conditions and thermics.

Extrem Training:

We were the firt school in Spain introducing the extreme maniuvers training where the pilot learn to react in extreme situations. Nowadays we dont give this course more, but if there are a group of enought people we can study to do that.

If you wanna know prices and dates, plase contact with us.


Parapente Tropical has recognition of the Andalusian –Federación Andaluza de Deportes Aéreos (FEADA)-, the Spanish  –Real Federación Aeronáutica Española (FAE)- and  the International Federations –Federación Aeronáutica Internacional (FAI). We can give the “IPPI card” (International Pilot Proficency Information) recognized by all federations in all the world included the BHPA and USHGA. We use to work in colaboration with british schools, so we have adpated programs for the british students, where the terms are quite differents, and we can allow to get the BHPA licence recognized by a british school.

Parapente Tropical has all the Civil Responsability and thirds insurance required by law.

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