Casa Lorca (Alfacar – Granada)

This is perfectly situated for the keen flyer. The house sits at the foot of a mountain, midway between our private take-off and the landing ground. This area is designated as a National Park and we are the only flyers permitted access. The house has all the comforts and hospitality of a typical Spanish mountain village. There is accommodation for 17-20. The take-off is visible from the house and thus it is possible to gauge the weather conditions on the mountain before setting off.


During years our work has been divided between flying on the coast or in the mountains. The location is dictated to us by the weather. But all this wasted travelling time was very tiring. So we decided to establish an additional base in the village of Alfacar, just north of the city of Granada.

The house is in a secluded road with easy access to bars and resturants in the village. Close by are woods and beautiful mountain countryside. The house is a modern two-storey building with 7 bedrooms, 4 of which have on-suite toilets and showers. Use of the kitchen, terrace are included. There is room to sleep up to 20 people.

The city is only 10 minutes away with all its tourist facilities; shops, bars, resturants, bull-ring and of course the world famous Alhambra palace and Generalife gardens.

The house is incredibly close to a exclusive flying site, arguably one of the best in Spain. The site is suitable for all levels from student to cross-country pilot. Having use to this site avoids the over-crowding so common to the other sites available to visiting pilots.

If the weather is not suitable for flying on the coast we can stay at the Alfacar house and use the site. However when staying at Alfacar there is an increase in the number of additional flying sites, available further inland, without the penalty of driving back to the coast each night. It means that we have access to sites at Jaén, Baza, Loja, etc. which would normally be too far to drive. An obvious increase in variety for the dedicated flyer but also insurance against being totally blown-out on days of problematic weather.

Casa Lorca:
Floors: 2
Rooms: 7 + mansard
Beds: 20
Kitchen: Yes (2)
Baths: 4
Living Rooms: 2 + inside closed patio.
Others: Microwave, 2 smokestack, barbecue, heating, TV, washing machine.


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