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Did you ever dream of Flying? Step into the air and experience the freedom?

Parapente Tropical has been making your dream come true since 1987. Thousands of people from all over the world have been flying with us, enjoying one of the most wonderful experiences: to fly free as a bird, free as the wind, free.


Parapente Tropical was one of the first schools in the sport when paragliding was nothing more than parachutes gliding down steep hills. The sport and the equipment has gone through many changes and evolution over the years, resulting in better performance, security and stability in flight, until it became a safe sport available to people of all ages.

Our professional team have all the licenses demanded by law and the experience of many years flying, teaching and guiding hundreds of people that come to our school from all over the world to learn to fly and to enjoy our exclusive subtropical climate and our Mediterranean landscape.


Schools and clubs from several countries choose Parapente Tropical to share an unforgettable experience with our facilities and exclusive flying sites, taking advantage of the the best instructors.

To teach our sport we use the best equipment coupled with teaching skills developed through years of experience, choosing the best flying areas and the most appropriate weather conditions for your level, with one over riding obsession: your safety.

A few years ago we expanded our activities to cover paratriking, a motorised buggy on three wheels using a paraglider wing to generate lift. We developed our own model, the Parabuggy -with 2 and 4 strokes engines-. Our exclusive design offers greater security, stability and ease of use that allows us to fly from almost anywhere without having to climb a mountain, therefore making it accessible to all ages and physical conditions.

Parapente Tropical and their instructor are fully licenced and insuranced as required by the Sport Act and are registered as an Active Tourism Enterprise in the Junta de Andalucía number: AT/GR/0078

Antonio Castro
The Director of Parapente Tropical was one of the pioneers of this sport in Spain. Flying since 1986, Instructor since 1987 and Tandem pilot since 1988 he is one of the most skilled and  experienced professionals currently working in Spain. A competition pilot in the early years, in 1990 he decided to concentrate on teaching.

Where we are
Located on the Costa Tropical, in Andalucía, Spain, halfway between Málaga and Almería, we have the best weather in Europe and many flying sites, some exclusive to us, suitable for all levels from novice to competition pilot to enjoy your favourite sport. With sunshine and good temperatures all year round, many international schools choose this location to teach their pupils.

We have around 40 flying sites within a one hour drive suitable for all levels of pilot. From coastal soaring over beaches and cliffs to thermalling inland sites with takes off up to 1800m at places such as Sierra de Huétor and Sierra Nevada. Beginner flights, thermalling, soaring or cross country; fly where you like, how you like.

35 minutes from Granada and one hour from Málaga and Almería the Costa Tropical is a unique and privileged place. Moreover there are lots of other sports you can try during your stay such as skiing or snowboarding in the Sierra Nevada to swimming and snorkelling in the sea, both of which are possible in the same day.

There are also many tourist attractions for non flying members of your group including the world famous UNESCO World Heritage Site The Alhambra, the beautiful city of Granada, the small villages and the National Parks; tasting the delicious Andalucian cuisine and tapas; or enjoying the cultural and night life of our area.


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